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Are Volkswagens good cars?

Question 1
Are Volkswagens good cars?...  Are Volkswagens good cars? Are they reliable? Or are they money traps? I don't want to get something that's going to cost me a lot to repair and something I have to repair very often.

1)   they are but the replacement parts are very expensive - Luisio

2)   Not really. They are known for having many expensive electrical problems. - emiller1998

3)   Back in the 70's they were among the best, but I wouldn't have one today. Money pits just like Bimmers. - double E

4)   Classic Volkswagens are, in my opinion, the best cars ever made. Very simple, reliable cars for everyday people but still very unique and with loads of character. The VW Beetle was a massive success, selling in excess of 25 million. Once scoffed at by Winston Churchill while the Morris Minor was in development, it is clear today what car is more of an impact on the motoring world. Get a classic Volkswagen, put some surfboards on the roof and show your mates that there is something better than plastic boxes from Japan. - zephyr

5)   Yes!! My dad has one and everyone loves it. The classic ones are the best because not only do they look good, they run well too. This is our 4th one and we've only sold them because we needed extra money to do up our house, not because they aren't good cars. He got our current Kombi pretty cheap, gave it a paint job and new tyres and now its worth a lot more. They are a good investment car because the classic ones are becoming rare and more desirable so they will be worth a lot more in a few years time.
Hope I helped :) - ♥ GeorGia ♥

6)   You also should compare car insurance quotes for cars before buying one, for example here - - Tom

7)   Man. Some of these people must really HATE VW. I have had 6 and they have all been reliable for me. I've had a 72 Beetle, 84, 87,88,89 GTI's and my current '10 Passat. I have loved them all. The 87 had 220K miles on it when I took it from California to Florida to North Dakota all in the same week, during the hot summer months! - John B

8)   they are. however they are horrible when it comes to repairing them. European cars are good but expensive to repair. Japanese are cheap to repair. - fun s

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Question 2
im only gettin a top speed of 85-90 mph from my 01 90bhp passat?...  can anyone tell me why is this cud it have been regulated i dont have it long so i dont know..... but any ideas on how to increase it wud be good

1)   why would you want to increase get speeding fines or sent to jail for dangerous driving???????? - hyndsie

2)   A good service & a good thrashing would be the first option. If it's very slow to pick up speed, I'd be checking for leaks around the turbo & associated hoses. - J G

3)   is it just slowly running out of power at top RPM? if will rev to a higher RPM # in a lower gear, suspect a restriction on intake or exhaust. loaded up air filter,- would be visible if filter element looks "sucked in" Also, the crankcase blowby tube feeds a small bit of oil into the air intake. the resulting crud builds up behind the valves and inside passages of air intake manifold, and restricts the air flow.(over time/miles and age this can really build up on some of these cars. I have taken apart a few that the port in the head and behind the valve was almost completely choked off,) the exhaust system can plug up over time, esp if never run hard. sometimes its a partial blockage in fuel filter or fuel pick-up. There is a rev limit in the fuel control, you will feel a definite cut off of the fuel at the point where it "hits the wall" lastly, any thing and every thing can get monkeyed around with, changed, or not done right over the life of the car before now. saving money in the short term, has a cost in the shortened useful life span of any vehicle. == VW's are people too - be nice to them.== - happy travels- - yowzah

4)   firstly change all filters, fuel and air, and check that you dont have any of those small vacuum pipes which are all over the place under your bonnet that maybe perished. - Pete

5)   That sounds about right for 90bhp you gotta remember a passats a big car to get moving, Ive got a BMW 320i with 150bhp and that does 120 mph easy and 130 if you really push it,
If you've got a turbo diesel getting it chipped can add 20+bhp and make it much more responsive,
A chip will also increase petrol bhp but not by much,
There are other things like getting a proformance exhaust and getting rid of the catalytic converter but thats illegal and will have to be put back on to pass a mot but you can just switch it back after,
Thats just the tip of the iceberg on things you can do,
My friends got a 1.8 skoda octavia and its putting out 170+bhp when he puts his foot down your pinned to the seat and gets up to 120mph+ at the drop of a hat - 23812129113

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Question 3
what is the top speed of a standard vw passat 90bhp?...  

1)   The last 90bhp Passat was the 96-01 1.9TDi model. That'll be 114mph manual, 110mph auto. - J G

2)   The top speed is marked on those posts on the road side, (Speed limit). - andrew l

3)   If it were to be driven over Beachy Head its top speed on the way down would be tremendous! - Maurice B


110 mph - 23812129113

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Question 4
Where can I buy a VW Hippie Van?...  I am looking to buy one of the Volkswagon Buses used by Hippies in the late 1960's and early 1970's. It should still have a decent engine and not be completely trashed. It should be Legitimate to, no rip offs. Does anyone know where I can go online to look at offers? thanks.

1)   Good luck with that. Those things were total trash. Assuming some stone hippie didn't crash it then its long rusted out. - emiller1998

2) - Air-Cooled (o\ ! /o)

3)   A search engine is what you should be throwing this question at, and also checking the classifieds offline and online.

However, you might find asking the right question helps..

It's a Volkswagon Type 2 series van you are looking for :-

Of which unless you find one that's pretty much been restored, then it's gonna be in as good a shape as it's been kept in and as sound as it's age and condition dictates.

No bargains with these beasts, since most now are well into collectable age, means that owners can pretty much hold out for what they feel it's worth, since they are only accumulating in value as the numbers die through old age and the rust monster.

A truely sound, factory spec or better condition - you'd be looking at a blank cheque buy there especially if the owner really wants you to work for the sale.

A redworm special (aka rust monster), well, that's gonna be laughably disproptionately expensive if the owner knows what he/she possess, or dirt cheap.

And for those examples of the extremes of scenarios, i'm just talking straight commercials not campers (professionally made or good qual conversions).

If you are prepared to throw time, money and effort into a redworm special, that's your bargain starter (how long it remains a bargain is another matter) - otherwise, join a large club who in many cases are prepared to write a blank cheque to get the Type 2 they want.

It's worse in the US, i reckon, since it was more coveted due to it's historical cultural significance with a certain decade - to the rest of the world, it's significance being that it was the progenitor of the model that defined modern commercial lightweight vans. - Christopher B

4)   The body is what you are concerned with. Engines 7 transmissions are changeable/rebuildable, Look at it that way. And probably start looking in peoples gardens because that is where they are parked if they have one. - totally bored

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Question 5
Advice for lowering VW Lupo?...  Own a 1.4 16V Lupo. Desperately needs lowered but i cant afford the coilovers until the start of next month when il get paid.
I know cutting the springs isn't the best thing to do but if there getting changed in about a months time can it really do that much damage?
Any suggestions on what i should do? I'd rather not wait a month of driving it standard height.

1)   cut them, go for it, whats the worst that could happen?

well, probably crash and not die but have a life destroying injury. whilst killing a number of children on another car.

but then again, it could be worse. Id cut them ;-)

I have heard of people getting better results by compressing some of the spring then heating it so it stays their. But it may be easier to get the tools to just cut it. - Dale

2)   smaller wheels and lower tire height. Cutting the coils will screw up the handling characteristics so much so you will be forced to park it.

The whole "lowering effort" is a passing fad.
Previously "super large tires"
previously "spoilers"

Your money feeds that industry unnecessarily. I would rather spend it on beer and a good time than a hunk of tin. - totally bored

3)   Amazing. The VAG Group spend millions developing a car suspension system, so you can read a soft porn "car" magazine, get a "great" idea, and go spend your "hard earned" money on about 90 quids worth of springs, shove them in the struts in a half-arsed attempt to make your "car" unique, and to stand out from the crowd. You will undoubtedly screw it up, as you have no ability or even any right to do things to a car of any type, even a Lupo. Just drive the damned thing, keep it standard. Due mainly to the fact that WHEN you have your first accident, your insurance company will nail you to the floor if it's modified in any way. You may well think I'm a complete and utter twunt for replying this way, but I have to mop up after wankers like you. I am a Government vehicle inspector. Licences are a luxury, not a right. The ability to drive can be removed very quickly if you fuck about like this.


4)   Advice . . . . Don't, as you will make it look crap, ruin the handling and need to pay more on your insurance just because you think it looks good. - who_is_jack_shit

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